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Ixila eta pentsakorra
potolo eta gainera nola!
Gabonero beti ondoan
hara hemen Olentzero hona!

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Lesaka (#1163). 24/12/2009. Photo: Rafael Eneterreaga Irigoien.

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This Website is the largest online resource on Olentzero. It represents the Christmas spirit of all the Basque people. You can keep up with everything going on in the universe of Basque mythology through this Website and its social networks throughout the year and particularly on these days so full of magic, nostalgia and solidarity. It is made by people who are really interested in and love Olentzero. They enjoy it and their aim is for everyone to enjoy it. Their objective is to gather and share everything about this famous character both in Euskal Herria and beyond.

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17 December 2010

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