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Ixila eta pentsakorra
potolo eta gainera nola!
Gabonero beti ondoan
hara hemen Olentzero hona!

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Under "50"

Pamplona (#20). 24/12/1993. Photo: Javier Bergasa.

Recipes — 25/12/2007


Solstice is arriving. In this world where we have light switches that means nothing but not always has been that way. There was a time when night was our enemy: dangers woke up, wild animals walk at ease and humans congregated around a fire well covered and protected.

Anagrama Asociación Amigos del Olentzero (Pamplona-Iruña) (#12). 01/01/2000

Presentations — 15/12/2007


With great thrill, we wish to share with you how this whole idea started and how is being launched with this website.

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