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Under "castejón"

Tudela y Ribera (#253). 21/11/2008

General — 19/11/2008


Wednesday 19th of November 2008

As we said last year in this beloved magazine, the welcoming of Olentzero in this our county, is already totally normalized. Towns like Tudela, Cascante, Cortes, Villafranca, Castejón, Ablitas etc. each 24th of December, they are faithful to this appointment with the mythical character that comes down from the moun

Olentzero Pamplona / Iruña (#37). 24/12/2007. Photo: Xabier Martinez Alava.

General — 23/12/2007

Olentzero in Ribera (Navarre)

So were the verses that our friend Luis Gonzalez, better known in Tudela as "Jabonero", gave us as a present some years ago when Olentzero arrived in 1998 and that define how this mythical personage came into the town.

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