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Archive: February 2009

Pamplona / Iruña (#892). 24/12/2008. Photo: Daniel Fernandez.

Tuesday, 17th of February, 2009

Apparently, from trustworthy sources, he lives among us and the rest of the year he changes his smock for a spring’s jumper and a shirt in summer, wears pants or jeans, according to the occasion and leaves his beret in the right drawer of the living-room’s closet.

Baiona / Bayonne (#379). 20/12/2008. Photo: PEIO MENDIA.

Olentzero is a collier, sure. But, what is that? Difficult in our times to see one of them in action and even to see coal. Gas, petrol and electricity, have taken it away from kitchens and heaters and have relegated it to some outdoor barbeques.

Baiona / Bayonne (#350). 20/12/2008. Photo: PEIO MENDIA.

General — 17/02/2009

Horra, horra, gure Baionako Olentzero

Directement surgi de la roue du temps, du moins des plus vieux récits mythologiques du Pays basque, le truculent personnage rural d’Olentzero, le charbonnier, a fait son entrée dans le XXIe siècle, le visage barbouillé de suie comme il se doit. A l’heure de la Nativité, ce curieux messager de Noël, dans un savoureux syncrétisme, s’est fait aussi

Pamplona / Iruña (#907). 24/12/2008. Photo: Daniel Fernandez.

General — 17/02/2009

A wooden sun

Tuesday, 17th of February, 2009

Jesusa Altzugarai, still dressed, went through the cold and enormous house and went down to the kitchen to keep watch of the cooking of the olentzero-enbor* o sukilero*. The dried wood was cooking meekly

Pamplona / Iruña (#767). 24/12/2008. Photo: Daniel Fernandez.

Stories — 17/02/2009

MariDomingi and Olentzero

That winter snowed loads. Snow looked like the cream on cakes. One felt like eating it. The snow covered everything and looked sooo good, it seemed it wasn’t cold.

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